Tiziana Vittoni Pairazzi

Her childhood in Florence left an indelible impression upon her personality, developing a great passion for art and history, particularly for the Florentine Renaissance. She rereads the past from a contemporary angle and has become inexorably involved in the world of design.

She designs and creates the Paira collection using materials that carry on the Italian ceramic tradition, along with natural materials like marble and granite


Claudio Pairazzi

Mechanical and technical designer has undertaken several successful activities.

In 2006 he founded Prisma srl, of which he is the sole director. Prisma is leader in the production and trade of kitchen work plans, vanity tops and coatings in marble, granite, agglomerate and ceramics.

In 2016 Paira has been created and he followed the design and manufacture of prototypes.


Roberta Aversano

Architect, born in Naples, she lives and works in Verbania. She has developed very specific professional interests through textural experiences, planning the details and living in direct contact with the production of wooden, metal,stone and ceramic furniture.

Her attitude and creativity embrace different disciplines: the detailed engineering, the architectural design, the research and testing on materials, the packaging, the self-produced and handcrafted design and the strategic planning for small productions.


Benozzo Gozzoli, Il viaggio dei Magi,1459. Firenze, Palazzo Medici Riccardi.