After ten years of production and sales, Prisma Stone brings you Paira, a new design of furnishings. The objects are made with handmade methods and with meticulous precision, using ceramic combined with natural stones, in particular Tuscan travertine. Using traditional materials such as ceramic, in its most modern form in large sheets with thickness from 3mm to 12mm, and uniting it with historical materials such as marble and granite, they have begun producing valuable objects characterised by unmistakable and timeless elegance. These are particular ceramics which resist high temperatures, scratches and abrasions, atmospheric agents, chemical products and acids. They are perfectly suited to contact with food and are extremely easy to clean and maintain. They come in a variety of colours and aesthetics, and the gold and silver finishes, in particular, evoke the past.

The past is present, also in traditional natural stones like Travertine, used in the construction of the Churches, Fountains and Monuments.  These exquisite objects are inspired by the elegance of the Florentine Renaissance and stand outfor their sleek silhouettes, the excellence of their materials, and the attention to every detail during production. Using the finest marbles like Portoro marble, Calacatta marble Bleu Turquin marble and Breccia Medicea marble, Paira merges tradition and innovation producing timeless objects with a minimalist and geometric design. Paira uses only Italian components: design, raw materials and production. This makes it a brand 100% Made in Italy based in Florence.

“La migliore eleganza di stile è quella che viene raggiunta con la semplicità.” (Gio Ponti)

L’uomo segna la terra, la misura
e la popola di figure e di oggetti.
La continuità tra
storia e tecnologia.
Il connubio tra
pietre naturali e ceramiche.

Man marks out the ground, measures it
and populates with figures and objects.
Continuity between
history and technology.
The fusion of
natural stone and ceramics.

L’homme marque la terre, il la mesure
et la peuple de figures et d’objets.
La continuité entre
l’histoire et la technologie.
Le mariage des
pierres naturelles et des céramiques.

El hombre marca la tierra, la mide
y la puebla con figuras y objetos.
La continuidad entre
historia y tecnología.
La alianza entre
piedras naturales y cerámicas.

Der Mensch prägt die Erde: Er misst sie und besiedelt sie
mit Gebilden und Gegenständen.
Die Kontinuität zwischen
Geschichte und Technik.
Die Kombination aus
Natursteinen und Keramik.

Человек помечает Землю, измеряет и заселяет
Её фигурами и вещами.
Связь между
историей и технологией.
Гармоничный союз
природного камня и керамики.

الرجل يترك بصماته على الأر.ض يقيسها و يعمرها بالأشكال و الأشياء
الإستمراريه .بين التاريخ و التكنولوجيه
ألإختلاط .ما بين الرخام الطبيعى و السيراميك